FSO Palm Pre Code-Sprint

March 3, 2010 by Simon Fels

Tomorrow I will meet with Mickey to work with him on FSO support for the Palm Pre. In the last month I worked mostly on the implementation of the protocol between userland and modem in the Palm Pre and we are now able to react on incomming calls and only one step away from doing our own calls.

Most part of our work tomorrow will be the integration of libmsmcomm into FSO. We need to rework some of the basic interfaces in fsogsmd to be able to run the AT interpreter beside the libmsmcomm stuff. So we should be able for the first time to do most stuff which is actually not implemented in libmsmcomm with normal AT commands only with the loss of creating data connections over GPRS/EDGE/UMTS. But I hope we can replace nearly all of the important AT commands in the near future with their equivalent in libmsmcomm.

So stay tuned! FSO will be on our Palm Pre, very soon!

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