World is small …

August 11, 2011 by Simon Fels

After a long time I got finally supported by HP (you know they bought Palm and webOS back in 2010) with a HP Veer device for development. Back in feburary 2011 HP started a Free Pre 2 Device program and I wrote to them to get qualified for a device. After more than 8 months I finally got a device (not the Pre 2 but who cares). The HP Veer is a very tiny device I like very much. It has 2.6-inc display (take your wallet out and look at your credit card, thats the size of the HP Veer), a powerfull MSM chipset inside and all features you know from todays smartphones.

I will use the HP Veer mainly to create a open source implementation of the RPC protocol used by all MSM chipsets to communicate with the baseband chip. Already before I received the device I started with a library called libmsmrpc which implements the basic functionality to to the RPC calls. Today it's already possible to connect to the device and send commands to the modem with the OEM RAPI service and receive response. Just the details of the messages send to the device and received from the device needs to be implemented. About the details of this and the current state I will write something in the near future.

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