Upgrade from Debian Lenny to Squeeze

May 4, 2012 by Simon Fels

Today I upgrade my server finally from Debian lenny to squeeze (which was released already last year, but I never had the time to do the upgrade since today). All in all the upgrade process went very fine. Following the release upgrade notes helped a lot and saved me some time (see 0).

Finally I migrated to a dependency based boot system too. I already started with this last year but stopped it a second time cause of missing time for it. I purged today all packages I never purged which leave their stuff in the init system after removal and the upgrade process succeeded finally.

Congratulations to all Debian people out here. You do a great job everyday! Thank you very much, you saved me a lot time with focussing on quality and stability.

As next step I will migrate the whole lighttpd migration back to apache2 as I never felt very comfortable with lighttpd due to a lot of small things I will not list here but maybe another time. Let's see how much time there will be in the next weeks for it 🙂

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