Free Pre Plus Smartphone from Palm

January 12, 2011

Yeah! I finally got my free Pre Plus smartphone from Palm! In late September I wrote to Palm as they offered free Pre Plus devices for qualified developers: Hello, as I read in our newsletter you are offering free Pre Plus devices to qualified developers. I am one of the people trying to bring an open and free operating system to the great Palm Pre device. We are comming originally from the Openmoko project and searching for a new device which can be the base for our further development. ... Read more

FSO Palm Pre Modem Status Report

June 9, 2010

Through my last three weeks on holiday I got a lot things implemented in msmcomm. We now have the following working: call support: dial, answer and end calls (only call forwarding and call conference stuff is missing) various network information: network-list, rssi, current nework, network time, mode preference (GSM/UMTS/auto) various system related things: set system time, modem audio tuning parameters, audio profiles, charging SIM: read/write/delete phonebooks, verify pin, enable/disable pin, change pin, sim info (imsi, misdn), phonebook properties This is already a lot we can work with. ... Read more

FSO on the Palm Pre – Short Status Update

April 23, 2010

For a long time we're now hacking on the Palm Pre device to get FSO working: Time for a short summary were we are and what has do be done in the near future (mickey already pointed out which components are working and which not). Modem The modem was the big show stopper when we initial began with hacking on the Palm Pre. The protocol Palm uses to communicate with the modem is nothing already known in the FOSS community. ... Read more

FSO Palm Pre Code-Sprint

March 3, 2010

Tomorrow I will meet with Mickey to work with him on FSO support for the Palm Pre. In the last month I worked mostly on the implementation of the protocol between userland and modem in the Palm Pre and we are now able to react on incomming calls and only one step away from doing our own calls. Most part of our work tomorrow will be the integration of libmsmcomm into FSO. ... Read more

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